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Types of Research | Gyankovandar

Types of research

Research is broadly classified into two categories that are explained below:
  • Basic or fundamental research
  • Applied or action research

Basic or fundamental research

A research that is conducted to acquire depth knowledge on any issue or for the development of theory is known as basic or fundamental research. The main purpose of basic research is to generate more knowledge and understanding of the issue and build theories based on research results. Such theories are basic for further research in the same issue. Professors, academia, and students do basic or fundamental research so that more knowledge is generated in particular areas of interest. The aim is not to apply the finding to solve an immediate problem but to understand more about certain issues that take place in several organizations and industries. For example, a theory developed in the issue of absenteeism is not used only in one organization or one type of organization, but it can be used in several organizations of different nature.
According to P.V. Young,Gathering knowledge for knowledge sake is termed as pure or basic research.
According to D.B. Bhattacharya,A research that is primarily interested to find out certain basic principles not the solution of the problem is basic research.
From the analysis of the above-given concept and definitions, basic research can be distinguished with the following key characteristics:
  • Develops fundamental principles.
  • Principles developed by basic research can be generalized.
  • Finds major factors of practical problems. 
  • Helps to understand the problems in depth.
  • Develops various alternative solutions of various problems.

Applied or action research

A research that is conducted to find out a solution for an immediate problem faced by the society or business organization is known as applied research. The main aim of applied research is to find out the solution to some practical problems. Applied research provides answers to the problems raised on policy, programs, projects, and procedures. Applied research is conducted when required. It is more concerned with actual life. It also suggests remedial measures to alleviate social problems or solve business problems.

According to P.V. Young, “generating knowledge that could aid in the betterment of human benefit is termed as applied research.”

According to D.B. Bhattacharya, ” A research method that is used in social science research which helps to contradict, alter or modify any existing theory or theories and helps to formulate policy is applied resources.”

Generally, business organizations appoint experts from outside paying large amounts to conduct applied/action research. Based on the analysis of the above-given concept and definitions, applied research can be distinguished with the following characteristics:
  • It is related to solving real life problems.
  • The conclusions of applied research can be implemented immediately.
  • Applied research helps to prove concepts.
  • Applied research helps to formulate new policies and programs improving previous procedures and practices.

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