Difference between Basic and Applied Research

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Difference between Basic and Applied Research

Difference between Basic and Applied Research

The key difference basic and applied research are listed below:

Bases of difference Basic Research Applied Research
Objective Main objective of basic research is to develop theory and enhance the existing knowledge. Main aim of applied research is to find out the solution of immediate problems faced by the concerned organization.
Focus Researchers undertakes research in those issues where he/she has interest and knowledge. Researcher should conduct research focusing on the problems faced by the society or organization.
Time Limit There is no time limit in basic research. Fixed time is given to the researcher in applied research.
Generalization Results of Basic research can be generalized in all the similar nature of organizations. Applied research focuses on the particular problem of particular organization. so, generalization is not possible and necessary.
Practical Principles developed through basic research cannot be implemented immediately in practice. findings of the applied research can be implemented immediately in real life or practice.
Analysis Generally, basic researchers are based on technical analysis. Applied researchers are based on individual and situation analysis.
Assumptions Generally, it is assumed that variables used in this research are constant. It is assumed that variables which are used in applied research are, to some extent, dynamic.

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