Human Factor Definition and Meaning | Technology

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Human Factor Definition and Meaning | Technology

Human Factor and Technology 

The human factor is the study of the interrelationship between humans, the tools and equipment they use in the workplace, and the environment in which they work. It involves the scientific application of knowledge with the aim of making products, systems, services, and environments safe, efficient, and easy to use. It examines the relationship between human beings and the systems with which they interact. The aim is to enhance efficiency, creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction. Hence, the human factor plays a crucial role in determining the technological aspect of a country. 
The skill level of people in a country largely determines the technology absorption and utilization. Hence, an abundance of managers, experts, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers determine the success Of technology in a country.
Change in existing technology affects other aspects considerably. When new production and distribution systems emerge, changes are required in workforce structure and skills. For example, e-commerce would displace many salespersons, workers may be thrown away from the factory by robotized technology.
For the management and operation of technology, the role of the human factor is very high. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities largely determine technological efficiency. Similarly, the effectiveness of technology also rests on its selection, adoption, and maintenance. For this, the knowledge and judgment of the human factor are crucial.
The growing complexity of technologies makes the human element more important. A human factor is a key factor for the commercial success of any technology. Irrespective of sophistication in technology, humans are ultimately responsible for ensuring the success and safety of any technology. Hence humans must continue to be knowledgeable, flexible, dedicated, and efficient to exercise good judgment. For this, investments in training, equipment, and systems are required to develop human factors to cope with the evolution Of technology. Technology without utmost consideration of the human factor is worthless.
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