Present Level of Technology in Nepalese Business | Types of Technology in Nepal | State of Technology in Nepalese Business

Present Level of Technology in Nepalese Business | Types of Technology in Nepal | State of Technology in Nepalese Business

Present Level of Technology in Nepalese Business

Technology is the practice of putting knowledge into practice. The development of industry and business in any country largely depends on the adoption and development of technology. Technology acts as the foundation for the development of other sectors as well. It has become the cornerstone in all spheres of human life. The developed countries in the world are technologically strong.

Types of Technology in Nepal

In Nepal, different types of simple technologies have been in practice for a long back. Nepalese technology may be categorized into traditional and modern technology.

Traditional Technology

The traditional technologies in Nepal are based on local skills and knowledge, They have been transferred from generations. The different types of traditional technologies in Nepal / Human factor and Technology are;
  • Metallurgy is the oldest technology in Nepal. It has been used in images and statues.
  • Pottery is another traditional technology used for making clay pots using wheels.
  • Nepal has manual-based technologies in textile and woolen carpets manufacturing. These products are known for their quality. Woolen carpet is a major source of foreign currency earning.
  • The architecture based on culture and tradition can be found in temples, pagodas, stupas, palaces, public places, and even in private houses.
  • Nepalese paper is manufactured with unique hand-based technology.
  • Different types of traditional technologies are still in use in Nepal for preparing and preserving food items like pickle, gundruk, dhido, and many more.
  • Nepal has some unique technology in medicine normally based on herbs and domestic items.
  • In agriculture, technologies like plough, spade for plantation and harvesting are used.
  • In construction also, Nepal has a unique technology. Houses are constructed using mud, bamboo, dry grasses, and other locally available materials.

Modern Technology

With the establishment of machine-based industries in Nepal during the 1950s, Nepal has been adopting modern technologies. The types of modern technology used in Nepal may be mentioned in the following points.
  • Mechanized technology is found to be used in the garment industry, grill industry, herbs processing industry, soap industry, and tea industry.
  • Automatic technology is used by the textile factories, printing press, leather, rice mills, biscuit, cigarette.
  • There are some businesses in Nepal to use computerized technology. Some of them are iron industry, cement industry, soft drink industry, the beer industry, liquor industry, hydroelectricity project, telecommunication, etc. 
  • The use of robotized technology has not to be found in Nepal so far.
  • There is growing used of information technology in Nepal. Financial institutions, educational institutions, and hospitals are found to use information technology extensively. Telecommunications, internet providers, and Television broadcasting companies are using satellite in their operations. Some of the technologies used in the banking sector of Nepal are, ATM, Internet, and SMS Banking, Credit Cards, Kiosk- Money depositing, Kiosk- Self Service Banking, etc.
  • In agriculture, advanced technologies like bio and tissue culture technologies are used.
  • The government offices are also found to use information technology in their operation.

The state of Technology in Nepalese Business

The developed countries in the world are found to use sophisticated technology in different sectors. However, Nepal is not found to take benefits of global technological advancements. The level of technology used by Nepalese businesses is not found to be satisfactory. Other points to show the present state of technology in the Nepalese business are mentioned below.

  • There are some organizations working for the development of science and technology in Nepal. Some of them are;
    • Ministry of Science and Technology
    • Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)
    • Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST)
    • Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC)
    • Different Universities
    • University Grant Commission
  • Modern technology is capital intensive. Most Nepalese organizations do not afford to invest in modern technology.
  • The medium and small industries in Nepal are using indigenous technology or simple technology mostly imported from India.
  • The private sector in Nepal is reluctant to invest in the development of technology. On the other hand, Nepalese organizations are found to be weaker in selecting the appropriate technology that they require.
  • The government spends less than 1% of the total budget on research and development. It shows the low priority of the government for the development of technology.
  • Nepalese export products are mainly in form of raw material and semifinished goods. It indicates the low level of technology in Nepalese businesses.
  • The supply of technical manpower like electricians, electric engineers, IT, and professionals is still below the required level.
  • The rate of technology transfer from other countries in different forms is also not satisfactory.
  • In sum, the service sectors in Nepal are found to adopt the latest technology compared to the manufacturing sector.
After the liberalization of the Nepalese economy, the private sector has better access to modern technology. Motivating and mobilizing technology in infrastructure development, import-substitution, and export promotion has been stated policy. However, the pace of science and technological development is still slower than expected.


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