Meaning or Definition of Promotion Marketing

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Meaning or Definition of Promotion Marketing

Concept of Promotion of Market 

Promotion is another element of the marketing mix. As we know, that promotion plays a vital role in delivering the information about the organization and their products. A promotion is carried out for many purposes. To give the information, persuade, reassure and reminding the customer are the major purposes of the promotion. The promotional activities are therefore very important for organization, since it helps to increase the product awareness and develop the brand loyalty. This results in the sales of product and finally increases the revenue. The profit therefore is obtained from this revenue. This profit is very important for the survival of an organization. 

In this age of information it is not only important to manufacture quality goods and services at reasonable price, but also important to provide the sufficient information about the product to the customer, society and government. Producer and manufacture should provide enough and related information about the products and services to its customers. 

Promotion can be described as the activities, which give sufficient information about the product and services. To inform the public, to make believe the customer in product and to create willingness to use the product in both formal and informal way is called the promotion. Promotion is also called marketing communication. The definition of promotion describes by several authors are as follows: 

Promotion is the element in organizations’ marketing mix that serves to informs, persuade and remind the market of the organization and or its product. 
 —Prof. Stanton, Etzel and Walker 

Promotion includes all aspect of the marketing mix designed to communicate with and influence target markets. 
—Prof. Bennet 

Promotion is to communicate with individual group and organization to directly or indirectly, facilitate exchanges by information and persuading one or more of the audience to accept the organization’s products. 
—Prof. Pride and Fred 

In conclusion, promotion is one of the elements of marketing mix. It is used as a tool in marketing to inform about products feature, quality, price ingredients design, utility, benefit and availability. It is called as an art of creation of demand. It consists of advertising personal selling, publicity, sales promotion and public relation functions. It informs, persuades, reminds, reassure and helps in building the organizational image among customers. 

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