Meaning of Quality marketing

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Meaning of Quality marketing

Meaning of Quality marketing

The age of today is the age of quality. The producers have become aware to produce quality goods or services in order to get success in competition. Quality is defined as fitness for purpose. For this, the producers should study and understand the consumer’s interests, wants, purchasing power, and competitors’ position carefully. The sum of features and utilities of any goods is quality. Quality is the totality of features. The quality of goods satisfies the consumers’ wants. Reliable services, long lastingness, favorableness, workmanship, aesthetics, composition, conformance, etc. are the qualities of products. Simply put, a quality item has the ability to perform satisfactorily in service and is suitable for its intended purpose. 

In conclusion, the sum of characteristics and utility of the goods or services is called quality. To implement the concept of total quality management in marketing is called quality marketing. So, quality marketing makes efforts to increase the quality of goods and services. It also denotes the quality of goods and services, quality of distribution and distribution channel, and quality of after-sale services. Quality marketing uses different tools to increase the quality of products or services.


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