Law: Objectives, Need and Importance of Law

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Objectives, Need and Importance of Law

Law: Objectives, Need and Importance of Law
It is clear that there is no limitation to make discourses on the objective, needs, and importance of law. It has great importance since it is related to human beings, society, the state, and the international community. Definitely, nothing is possible to talk to without thinking of the law. The objectives need and importance is interrelated to each other. Their relationship is complementary to each other. The objective of the law is vast which invites the need for law. Moreover, the need and objective are connected which highlights the importance of law. Here is the point-wise discussion of its object, need, and importance.

1. To Maintain Peace and Order

The primary objective of the law is to maintain peace and order in society. In the absence Of peace and order, one feels unsafe to live in the society. The main function of the state is to formulate law and to ensure or guarantee peace and safety. If there is no law, there cannot be peace and order or safety in society. There is lawlessness and anarchy in the absence Of law. One has to live under disorder and terror. Peace and order in society cannot be imagined if there is no law. There will be “might is right”. Therefore, the law is a must to keep order, peace, and safety in society.

2. To Bring Uniformity in the Social Pattern

The objective of the law is also to bring uniformity to the social structure. Law should treat everyone equally. The law should not be biased and discriminatory to anyone. That’s why the law should treat all people equally. Law should define the mutual relation of male, female, poor, rich, ethnic castes and treat them equally. Law must act to provide or create honorable and dignitary positions for everyone in the society. There is a need for a law to bring definite uniformity in society and to manage the social pattern properly. Moreover, if there is no law, the social pattern is sure to perish and there is a disorder in the society. Then there will be the rise of autocracy and discrimination. If this happens, definitely it is a sad matter to everyone. Thus, there is the need for a law to equalize everyone and make them happy.

3. To Prohibit People to do Wrong Activities

Law forbids people to do bad activities in society. There are many people residing in the society with different interests. Nobody can say that everyone has decent interests and habits. There can be various kinds of crimes in society due to the varied interests of the people. If there’s no law, there will be an increase in the number of social crimes. The number of criminals also goes rise on the other hand. Robbery, killing, smuggling fake unlawful activities will go up which brings loss to the society and the individual if there is a lack of proper law to regulate and curb them. Along with it, decency and morality among people fall down. But law manipulates all these evils and punishes the wrongdoers. Nobody dares to do wrong because of the fear of lawful punishment. Law brings a change in the thinking of the people. Ultimately, the number of wrongdoers will go down. Above all, the law discourages the wrongdoers and therefore, it is important in society.

4. To Enhance Economic, Social, Cultural, and Political Development.

In the absence of law, there is no economic, social, cultural, and political development in any country. On the basis of the proper law, it’s possible, to develop economic, cultural, social, and political systems. Law directs the way to everybody. Indeed suitable and time-driven law is essential to develop every sector of society. It is because law promotes social development. The definite and clear law helps to develop all sectors of society. To imagine the development of any sector in the absence of law is quite meaningless. Law is an inevitable element for social development. As the law is changeable the suitable law helps to promote and protect social interests and brings the society into the mainstream of development. Law is important because it addresses the needs of the time to help develop every sector of society.

5. To Protect and Guarantee, the Fundamental as well as Legal Rights of the People

The protection of fundamental and legal rights is only possible where there is a rule of law in the state. Law enriches and distinguishes the right and duties of the people and fixes the boundary among people as well as states which pave the way to define moral and legal relations between two individuals as well as the individual and the state. On the basis of law, the fundamental rights of an individual can be used. The lack of law leads to mere imagination to use human rights and fundamental and legal rights of the person, a definite and well managed are highly essential. This is why the law is important.

6. To Remove Social Evils

The objective of the law is also to remove deeply rooted social evils there can be the age-long social evils and superstitions which are against modern human civilization and people which can be curbed by people-friendly law. Law is needed to create a civic society by manipulating the traditional as well as modern growing evils. By making new laws the superstitious evils and bad conduct or the social evils that may arise in the future can be controlled. Therefore, the law is important.

7. To Keep International Relations

In the absence of law, there is no international relation. To keep mutual and friendly international relations, the law is primarily needed. To keep economic, cultural, diplomatic, commercial, political, and social relations between nations/states law is inevitable. To make a treaty, agreement, to take part in the anti-terrorist movements, and to support or oppose international activities, law plays a pivotal role and to sit together international forum the nations. Nothing is possible if there is no law. In this way, the law is important.
8. To Provide Justice to the People

The ultimate goal of the law is to provide justice to the people. Nobody can expect justice in the absence of law. The victims can sue the victimizer in a court of law. Law provides people protection, amenities, justice and sets out the limitation between rights and duties One can use rights if there is a legal system and rule of law. Law penalizes the ‘victimizers Moreover, law possesses mandatory power. It is possible to provide equal justice to all people if there is legal provision. The main target of the law is to grant happiness to more and more people. Such happiness can be ensured and guaranteed by forming time-driven law.

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