Kinds of Literature | Writing a Literature review | Tips for writing a literature review | Literature Search through the Internet

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Kinds of Literature | Writing a Literature review | Tips for writing a literature review | Literature Search through the Internet

Kinds of Literature | Writing a Literature review | Tips for writing a literature review | Literature Search through the Internet

Kinds of Literature

There are three kinds of literature which are given below:

1. Primary literature: 

Unpublished research, private correspondence, and conference proceedings are considered as primary literature. In some cases, such literature might be related to the research problem of the current researcher. Blogs and personal websites bring primary literature directly to the public.

2. Secondary literature: 

Published books, articles. news media published business, government, private and international publications, are some major secondary literature. The value of such literature is high but the information in these publicly available media is likely to be less current.

3. Tertiary literature: 

This source is a gateway to secondary sources, They include encyclopedias, dictionaries, citation indexes, catalogs, and web-based portals and databases. We use tertiary sources to track down secondary literature which is relevant to the field of study.

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Writing a literature review

After the collection of reports, books, and articles, you have to manage the relevant contents in your report based on some principles which is known as writing a literature review. Do not write a literature review that is either disorganized or a chain of pointless unrelated summaries of each document. You have to arrange literature on the basis of either relevance or date in your report. Each sentence should begin as; Adhikari (2010) found …, etc. Create arguments that paraphrase and evaluate the literature and show its relevance to your problem or topic. Avoid long quotes and do not reproduce the same thing time and again Remember that the review of literature provides a base or a background to the proposed research problem.

Tips for writing a literature review

Some of the important points that are to be considered while writing literature in the report are given below:

  1. Arrange your written notes in a logical order.
  2. Identify the major themes.
  3. Sort your abstracts, reviewed articles, and notes to fit under the headings. Revise the headings, order, or both, as necessary.
  4. Look for relationships among ideas and groups so as to develop subtopics. Build a step-by-step, hierarchical list of the points you plan to cover.
  5. Try to avoid a long list of subtopics. Consider combining these into related ideas. In nearly all cases, your literature review will be better if you link related ideas.
  6. If you can’t decide where to put something, put it in two or more places in the outline. You can decide where to put such information Idler.
  7. If you are not sure that where an idea fits, write yourself a reminder to see where it belongs after you have written your first draft.
  8. If an important idea doesn’t fit, write a new outline with a place for it.
  9. Accept your outline as a working draft. Revise and edit it as you proceed.
  10. Keep your outline for a certain period of time like one week, fifteen days and so on. Then look at it again and change it wherever necessary.

Literature Search through the Internet

Internet is a worldwide computer network that provides access to a large range of literature. World Wide Web (www) is mostly used as part of the internet. It provides the link to the texts pointing out the essential one. It provides instant access to the literature and data banks managed for commercial purposes.

Most of the researchers, nowadays, are based on the internet for literature survey. But, a researcher should select the appropriate word and text while searching literature through the internet otherwise the effort of the researcher remains useless. All the materials provided on the internet may not be reliable. Thus, a researcher should be able to identify a reliable source of literature considering to author, publisher, and so on.

A researcher can use the address of a home page, internet site and use search tools that are significant to search literature on the internet. Subscription of database supplier and skill in using a database is essential for using the internet with the objective of literature: 

The researcher can log on to any of the above addresses and can find the literature or address of getting literature that is essential for a literature survey.

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