Intrapreneurial Leadership: Concept or Definition and Characteristics

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Intrapreneurial Leadership: Concept or Definition and Characteristics

Concept of Intrapreneurial Leadership

Intrapreneurship is acting like an entrepreneur in. a large organization. The term is the combination of “intra” or internal, and “entrepreneurship.” Intrapreneurs are employees who implement the essential principles of entrepreneurship for the benefit of the Organizations for whom they work for. They are highly self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people. They take the initiative, even within the boundaries of an organization for innovation in product or service. They think out of the box and have risk-taking and leadership qualities. They devote their time, reputation, and job and carry entrepreneurship within large firms. In some cases, they start new firms on their own or with others.

Leadership is the quality of influencing others. It is an art to bring together the skills needed to do these things. An effective leader is a person who creates a vision of the future and motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision. He is a great team builder.

Intrapreneurial leadership is the process through which an entrepreneur influences the employees as well as other members towards the organizational goals by building trust and confidence among them. It also involves communicating the goal effectively. The following are some of the notable characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership.

Characteristics of Intrapreneurial Leadership

The following are some of the notable characteristics of intrapreneurial leadership:

  1. Clear vision and dissatisfaction with the present,
  2. Flexibility,
  3. Change agent,
  4. Inspirational,
  5. Risk assessor,
  6. Innovator,
  7. Proactive,
  8. Knowledge of business environment, and
  9. Team builder.

1. Clear vision and dissatisfaction with the present: 

Vision is the desired future state of an organization. It is something that an organization aspires to reach. An intrapreneurial leadership has a clear vision of the organization. He is always dissatisfied with the present state for creating something new.

2. Flexibility: 

Intrapreneurial leaders must be flexible as the market conditions constantly change overtimes. They must be able to react and adapt to changes. They should be good learners. They should also be responsive to changes in the global environment. 

3. Change agent: 

Intrapreneurial leaders should be effective change agents. They always search for change, respond to it, and exploit it as an opportunity. They successfully introduce and implement change. They advocate change for the success of the organization. They take the calculated risks to adapt to the change. They influence the stakeholders to be effective change agents.

4. Inspirational: 

Intrapreneurial leaders are always inspirational. They are able to motivate the employees to achieve extraordinary things. They always inspire the employees towards the organizational goals. Inspired employees are committed, loyal and productive.

5. Risk assessor: 

Intrapreneurial leaders are good risk assessors. In course of business activities, a number of challenges, problems, and situations take place. They demand prompt attention, decision, and resolution which always involve risk Entrepreneurial leaders assess the risks involved on these actions and act accordingly.

6. Innovator: 

An intrapreneurial leadership always brings new ideas. He takes the change as an opportunity in developing ideas. He innovates to turn the idea into an opportunity. He creates something new and different. He always promotes experimentation and knowledge sharing. Hence, innovation is at the heart of entrepreneur leadership.

7. Proactive: 

An intrapreneurial leadership is always proactive in nature, not reactive. He always looks for future opportunities. He is less concerned with past activities. Problems are secondary for him. He is more focused on the future.

8. Knowledge of business environment: 

An intrapreneurial leadership is always updated with the knowledge of the business environment to assess the relative strength and weakness of the organization to match with the opportunities and threats arising.

9. Team builder: 

An intrapreneurial leadership is a great team builder. He is diplomatic and able to lead cross-functional teams.

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