Features of Research Design

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Features of Research Design

Features of research design

Research design is a structure prepared to conduct research. A researcher completes his/her research work based on the research design developed in advance. It is prepared on the basis of certain procedures. Thus, it requires some qualities which are given below:


Research design depends on reliability, consistencies, dependability, and stability. If research design gives the same result when some tools are used in the same sample then such research design is considered a reliable research design. Generally, the test-retest method; parallel form method, and split-half methods are used to test the reliability of the research.


Every research method must be accurate and objective. Sometimes researcher imposes the respondents to give answers in the way that they can draw results as they intend. Thus, appropriate research design checks such malpractices and helps to draw the correct results.

3. Validity: 

Validity is concerned with the integrity of the conclusions that are generated from a piece of research. Under this method, data are tested and re-tested and prediction of the future is made and such prediction remains correct. Thus, measurement validity, internal and external validity is used for the measurement of the validity of data and the tools.

4. Replicability: 

Research design should be imitable so that another researcher follows the same design to confirm the results of the research. A researcher should spell out his or her procedures in detail otherwise replication of research design is impossible.

5. Generalizability: 

Applying the research in a similar sector conducting research considering few samples is known as generalizability. A research design should present all the procedures and methods used in the collection and analysis of data so that people know the situation and will be easier to implement the findings of the research in a large population.

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