Direct Marketing : Definition and Features

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Direct Marketing : Definition and Features

Meaning of Direct marketing

It is marketing without a middleman. Manufacturer meets customer directly to inform, persuade, and deliver orders. In today’s dynamic time, people are too busy that they lack time to visit a retail store. Direct marketing helps customers to deliver goods and services without visiting a retail store. Product and consumers meet directly via radio, TV, telephone, newspaper, mail, etc. direct marketing is a customers’ oriented marketing with direct contact of producer and consumer performed indirect channel with no middleman. Direct marketing is the dealing by a producer to a specific customer to receive an order. It is sometimes called direct-order marketing.

Direct marketing is the use of direct channel to reach and deliver goods and services to customers without using marketing middlemen.   – Philip Kotler

Features of direct marketing

1. Customer concept : 
Direct marketing focuses on individual customers. It does not deal with a large number of customers. It is also known as one-to-one marketing. It focuses on the large expenditure of an individual customer.
2. No involvement of middlemen : 
Marketing intermediaries are not involved in direct marketing. Producers are actively engaged in delivering the product to the customers. Middlemen are not involved.
3. Customized message and product : 
The product and messages are targeted or intended for specific groups. The product and a promotional message are customized and personalized to persuade specific customers. The message and product are not suitable for all types of customers.
4. Direct interaction : 
There is a direct interaction between the manufacturer and the customer. Direct marketing is customer-oriented marketing with direct contact of producer and consumer performed in a direct channel with no middleman.

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