Concept of Organization, Behaviour and Organizational Behaviour

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Concept of Organization, Behaviour and Organizational Behaviour

Concept of Organization, Behaviour and Organizational Behaviour


What is an organization? Why do we need organizations? What constitutes an organization? What is the behaviour? Why do we need to understand behaviour? This questions need to be answered and understood at first before we move towards the concept of OB.

An organization is a purposeful combination of two or more number of people who are interdependent with each other achieve a specific goal(s). it is composed of people both individuals and groups. In a real sense we are born in organizations, work for one or more organizations and ultimately die in some kind of organization. So, modern life is not free from the organization.

  • S.P. Robbins——

An organization is a consciously social unit, composed of two or more people that function on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals.


We now come to the word behaviour in the definitions of psychology. Behaviour includes anything a person or animal does that can be observed in any way. Unlike minds or thoughts or feelings behaviour, can be observed, recorded and studies. No one ever saw  or heard a mind, but we can see and hear behaviour. We can see and measure what a person does and hear and record what a person says (this is vocal behaviour).

All of the social sciences share the common assumption that human social behaviour can be studied scientifically, although there are great debate, concerning how best to accomplish this. Social scientists believe that certain patterns and regularities in human behaviour enable them to predict and explain human behaviour to a substantial extent.

Behaviour of a human being is caused, goal-directed and unpredictable. Therefore, understanding human behaviour has gained great significance for the managers for managing people effectively. In other words, knowledge about why people behave as they behave helps managers obtain maximum results from people’s efforts for accomplishing organizational goals in an effective manner. For this purpose, managers need to seek answers mainly to these two questions:

  • Why people behave as they behave? Why people do what they do at work in organizations?
  • What influences people behaviour at work?

Organizational behaviour

Organizational behaviour (OB) is the study and application of the human side of management. It is concerned with the study of human behaviour at work. It represents the behavioural approach to management, not the whole of management. OB is concerned with people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions in a work setting.

OB has been defined differently by different benavioural scientists. A new important definitions of OB are given below:


“organizational behaviour is directly concerned with the understanding, prediction, and management of human behaviour in organizations.”


“OB is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behaviour within organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organization’s effectiveness.”

Mcshane and Glinow——–

“organizational behaviour is the study of hat people think, feel, and do in and around organizations.”

Moorhead and Griffin——–

“organizational behaviour is the study of human behaviour in organizational settings, the interface between human behaviour and the organization, and the organization itself.”

Conclusion:by going through the above definitions and discussions, we can say that the organization’s job gets done through people – individually or collectively. Therefore, the management of organizational behaviour is central to the management task – a task that involves the capacity to: (a) ‘understand’ the behaviour patterns of individuals, groups and organizations, (b) to ‘predict’ what behaaviour responses will be obtained by various managerial actions, and (c) finally to use this understanding and these predictions to achieve ‘control’.

We now conclude the concept of OB by the definition of L.L. Cummings. According to him “organizational behaviour is the study and application of knowledge about how people act within an organization. It is a human tool for human benefit. It applies broadly to the behaviour of people in all types of organization, such as business, government, schools, and service organizations. Wherever organizations are, there is a need to understand organizational behaviour.”

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