Career opportunities in finance

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Career opportunities in finance

Career opportunities in finance

The career for finance graduates is ever-expanding. The important fields where finance graduates may pursue their career are described below: 

Corporate business houses:

Business firms face problems dealing with the acquisition of funds and optimal methods of employing the funds. In a competitive marketplace, businesses must actively manage their funds to achieve their goals. Finance graduates learn many tools and techniques to take proper courses of action in these fields. This knowledge enables them to seek the lowest cost fund and greatest return projects. Thus, corporate business houses offer a good career opportunity for finance graduates. 

Investment companies:

The purchase of stocks, bonds, and other securities involves analysis and techniques that are highly specialized. An investor is supposed to know the legal and investment characteristics of each type of security, measure the degree of risk, involved with each investment, and forecast probable performance in the market. But it is a hard nut to crack to general investors. To assist them, a large number of investment companies are in the market. These companies offer a rewarding career for finance graduates who specialize in securities and investment analysis. 

Financial institutions:

Today’s modern economy rests on financial superstructures that consist of banks, insurance companies, provident and pension funds, etc. they help in saving and capital formation in an economy and offer a good prospects for finance graduates. 

International financial institutions:

When money crosses international boundaries, individuals, businesses and governments must deal with special kinds of problems. These problems have compounded with the rapid pace of globalization. Finance graduates who specialize in international finance are equipped with their theory and practices that are helpful in managing the cross-border flow of money. Thus, international financial institutions which are engaged in handling the flow of funds between individuals and organizations across national border offer career opportunities for finance graduates. 

Local and federal government organization:

Like business organizations, governments – local, state or federal – raise and spend large sum of money. There has been growing concern over the efficiency with which these governments raise and spend money. For finance graduates, who specialize in public finance, these governments to offer career opportunities. 
Note that the above fields are open to finance graduates. However, we emphasize that corporate business houses ranging from manufacturing companies, processing companies, hydropower projects, hotels, travel, and recreation industry, transportation, to name a few, offer very good career opportunities for those studying financial management.

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